General Info

This firm has been involved with virtually every sector of the economy including private land owners, developers, large corporations such as Spectra Energy Inc., Terasen Gas, C.P. Rail, etc., and virtually all levels of government including Local, Provincial, and Federal. Indian Lands are also our clientele including several different Indian Reserves and Bands throughout the Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Fraser Canyon areas.

Typical Work Performed

  • All forms of Legal and Engineering Surveys, including use of Real Time and Static G.P.S. Systems
  • Accident Scene and specialized Surveys
  • Ground Control & Co-ordination of Air Photo Mapping projects
  • Subdivision, Rights-of-Ways, Easements, Pre-construction and Location surveys
  • Topographic & Volume Surveys
  • Pipeline Layouts, as-builts, as well as, Capacitor Station Layouts, Dam Work, etc.
  • Telecommunication sites and remote surveys
  • Federal Land surveys including Indian Reserve surveys
  • Low Level Helicopter Air Photography